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Any person or organization can register on the platform, the main goal of our users is to become a parent or help others achieve this dream.

Single men and women

who want to have a child

Members of the LGBT community

who are looking for a partner for childbirth, co-parenting, a donor and / or a surrogate mother


who do not want or cannot become biological parents


of eggs, oocytes or sperm who want to participate in the program

Biological parents

looking for a person or couple to raise their child together

Medical centers and clinics

providing artificial insemination and/or related services

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Download the LetsBeParents app on Google Play and App Store! Join the beta testing and help us create the best app for you!

Join the beta testing and help us create the best app for you!

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We have developed an application with a clear interface and search, so you can easily find the information you need, a sperm donor, a surrogate mother to carry your child or a co-parenting partner.

Frequently asked Question

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We have collected the most popular questions from our community members and provided answers to them.

We do not share information and profile data with third parties. You alone make the decision to interact with all members of our social platform and share any personal information with other members.
Our platform is not a dating platform, but it is much more than a dating site or a social network. We unite people of any gender, sexual orientation, nationality and religion who want to become parents, and people who want and have the opportunity to help them with this!
Complete your profile as fully as possible and use the convenient search in our application - select the parameters and/or geographic location that are important to you.
All clinics presented on our platform have positive reviews and significant experience.
Of course you can! The decision to communicate in person is yours to make. Our platform will simply help you find the right option.
The parent is usually the legal parent with all the rights and responsibilities. The sperm or egg donor is not the legal parent and has no financial or other liability. If the donor is not anonymous, the child may know who his biological parent is, and in the future, in adulthood, may have some kind of relationship with him.
The main difference is that the parent is in charge of raising your child. We believe that co-parenting is a great support to a child. In a relationship between a gay/lesbian couple seeking a sperm/egg donor, the involvement of the donor is usually more limited, but if the donor has some sort of relationship with the child, this may give the child a stronger sense of identity.
It is also worth considering that children conceived by donors sometimes develop health problems related to the genetic problems of their biological parents, for example, they pass on genes to the child that can make them more susceptible to certain diseases. Knowing this information can help in diagnosis and prevention. Therefore, knowing the identity of the donor has benefits for the health of the child, even when he becomes an adult.
The donor may be anonymous or known. LetsBeParents.com works mainly with known donors, meaning you know the identity of the donor from the very beginning and can personally discuss the details of a future collaboration, unlike an anonymous donor whose biological material you will find in a sperm bank.
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